Starting the Consignment Process


There are a few options you have if you would like to begin the consignment process.  

  1. You can fill out an auction estimate request by completing a simple online form.  In order for us to serve you fastest we ask that you fill out all required fields designated by a * sign.  This will ensure an accurate and timely estimate. You will receive a confirmation when your completed form is submitted.
  2. You can email with pertinent details about the item you wish to consign.  When doing so, please include:
    • Your full name, phone number, and email address
    • Object description
    • Artist, maker, or designer
    • Object medium (what the object is made of)
    • Dimensions (for paintings, excluding frames)
    • At least 5 images, showing the object from different angles (front, back, signature, markings, etc.)
  3. If neither of these electronic methods work for you, you could also call us at 312-280-1212 to schedule an appointment to bring your property in for evaluation.

We receive a high volume of requests and invest significant time into appraising the object(s) for this reason it may take 2-4 weeks to contact you with an estimate.

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